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    At B&F we provide many years of experience in
    Immigration Law, with regular changes of UK legislation,
    we aim to keep up-to-date with amendments to ensure high quality advice through the Tier 1 visa application process.
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About Us

With a rich history of innovation and a dynamic business environment, UK is the ideal location for entrepreneurs to achieve growth and success. At B&F, we specialise in assisting overseas investors and entrepreneurs with the process of business and personal visa application as well as business establishment and investment in UK.

With over 16 years of experience our expert team of immigration Lawyers and Business Consultants will provide assistance through the process of visa application and business establishment in the UK.

With the relevant UK legislation being changed on regular bases, we aim to keep up-to-date with amendments in order to ensure that the advice we give is reliable and current.

We also pride ourselves in supporting investors, applicants and business owners who have already been granted a Visa, to establish and reach business growth via expanding their activities in the UK, to meet the business eligibility requirements. This would provide the ability to extend their visa and run a profitable business.

Additionally, we help investors find quality, pre-vetted investment opportunities from middle-stage companies that match their skill set and personality.

We combine our knowledge of immigration law with decades of experience in the Start Up business to ensure successful outcomes.

With B&F you will receive:
  • Consultation
  • Fast and Efficient Visa Services
  • Passionate, Honest Experts
  • Business Services
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